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CV Style has been operating since 1996. Paula Stenberg saw a niche market in providing a boutique CV writing practice. This service provides the typographical design of CV documents, together with a structured behaviourally-anchored interview process that gleans from clients their competencies, skills, abilities and strengths.

CV Style produce a variety of CV products for their customers to choose from in relation to the customer's budget and needs. All of these have exclusive content design structures which form the basis of the company's intellectual property and are copyright protected.

In 1996, the founder (Paula Stenberg) wrote a book which was published by Tandem Press entitled "Write Your Own CV". This book documented one of her product lines and was on the Top 10 list, rated number 4 by the New Zealand Institute of Management in March 1997. Since that time the book is in its 2nd edition with the first being sold out. Republished 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006. Now under the imprint of Random House.

CV Style's managing-director Paula Stenberg is a qualified journalist and certified careers practitioner, advertorial writer and author.

CV Style assures their clients of complete discretion and integrity, and conducts itself in a professional and ethical manner.

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