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CVs/Resumes for the Mining Industry

  CVs for the Mining Industry There are a number of items you will need in creating a CV for the mining industry. 1.      What job are you wanting to do? Take a look at this list and see if one fits you and your skill base: Trades Digger operator Jumbo operator Bogger operator Excavator operator Bulldozer operator Grader operator Scraper operation Tip truck driver Shotfirer Miner Labourer Laboratory Assistant Field Assistant – Sampling Driller Welder Boilermaker (heavy fabrication) Sheetmetal Worker (light fabrication) Heavy vehicle mechanic Plant mechanic Electrician Professionals Civil/structural engineer Electrical engineer Electronics/Instrument Engineer Environmental Scientist/Engineer Geological Engineer Geoscientist Metallurgist/Chemical/Process Engineer Mining Engineer Surveyor 2.      Once you have established what sort of position you are after, you then need to develop your CV with keywords that match this position.

Choosing a CV Writing and Résumé Preparation Service

Choosing a CV Writing or Résumé Preparation Service Use this checklist to ensure you get the best deal. First check who they are. Are you able to find this out from their website, or is that knowledge concealed. If that information is concealed then you don't know how they are qualified to write your CV. What is their background? Is it someone just jumping on the bandwagon to earn some extra income from home? Are they a secretarial service, or do they have a specialist knowledge of CV development? How long have they been in business? Are they operating from home or an office? Check their credentials or ask to see their CV or profile. Why? Because they are going to know everything about your job history and yourself, yet you may know nothing about them. It is important you know who the person is that you are sending your private information to. If they don’t give any idea of the person on the website, then give them a miss.