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Consultation Process

When people book in for a CV consultation, they often wonder what they should bring with them. So here I have developed a list of useful items to have on standby. an old CV (we can use as a base, foundation or a starting point to develop your new CV); written references (these are handy because we are reading about you from another person, any material from the references we can use 'pull quotes' and add them into your CV building credibility); performance appraisals (again a handy tool for us, as they let us look at you from an employer's perspective; these performance appraisals usually have major projects that you may have worked on, we can then convert these projects into achievement based statements; they also have comments that we can project into the CV – and we only ever accentuate the positive); personality profiles (again we use this material to help paint a profile of yourself within the CV); job advertisements (these are jobs you are wanting to go for, they are