CV Writing Tips

Here is an extract from my book "How to Write a CV" in 10 easy steps. It is a flow diagram showing the steps needed to create a CV. This visual gives that much needed quick reference.

CVs/Resumes for the Mining Industry

CVs for the Mining Industry
There are a number of items you will need in creating a CV for the mining industry.
1.What job are you wanting to do?
Take a look at this list and see if one fits you and your skill base:

Digger operator
Jumbo operator
Bogger operator
Excavator operator
Bulldozer operator
Grader operator
Scraper operation
Tip truck driver
Laboratory Assistant
Field Assistant – Sampling
Boilermaker (heavy fabrication)
Sheetmetal Worker (light fabrication)
Heavy vehicle mechanic
Plant mechanic

Civil/structural engineer
Electrical engineer
Electronics/Instrument Engineer
Environmental Scientist/Engineer
Geological Engineer
Metallurgist/Chemical/Process Engineer
Mining Engineer

2.Once you have established what sort of position you are after, you then need to develop your CV with keywords that match this position.

A good idea is to read job descriptions of these roles and make a note of t…

Choosing a CV Writing and Résumé Preparation Service

Choosing a CV Writing or Résumé Preparation Service
Use this checklist to ensure you get the best deal. First check who they are.Are you able to find this out from their website, or is that knowledge concealed. If that information is concealed then you don't know how they are qualified to write your CV. What is their background? Is it someone just jumping on the bandwagon to earn some extra income from home? Are they a secretarial service, or do they have a specialist knowledge of CV development? How long have they been in business? Are they operating from home or an office? Check their credentials or ask to see their CV or profile.

Why? Because they are going to know everything about your job history and yourself, yet you may know nothing about them. It is important you know who the person is that you are sending your private information to. If they don’t give any idea of the person on the website, then give them a miss.

Will you be meeti…
CV writing books by Paula Stenberg from New Zealand.
Please place your orders by emailing me direct.

Welcome to CV Style's website (and virtual brochure). We are a New Zealand company with offices in Auckland CBD. With today's competitive job market, it is even more important that one creates a CV/résumé/curriculum vitae which will articulate what your distinctions are from other people. What is your X factor? And how can you put that X factor into your CV. We do not offer a templated online service which tends to equalise you with everyone else, but rather our consultations are face to face. This allows that necessary dialogue which is so critical to ensure that we can project you in the best possible way and with the most potential for your capabilities and abilities.

CV Style Profile

CV Style has been operating since 1996. Paula Stenberg saw a niche market in providing a boutique CV writing practice. This service provides the typographical design of CV documents, together with a structured behaviourally-anchored interview process that gleans from clients their competencies, skills, abilities and strengths.CV Style produce a variety of CV products for their customers to choose from in relation to the customer's budget and needs. All of these have exclusive content design structures which form the basis of the company's intellectual property and are copyright protected.In 1996, the founder (Paula Stenberg) wrote a book which was published by Tandem Press entitled "Write Your Own CV". This book documented one of her product lines and was on the Top 10 list, rated number 4 by the New Zealand Institute of Management in March 1997. Since that time the book is in its 2nd edition with the first being sold out. Republished 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006. Now u…

Top Ten Job Searching Tips

How many of these have you read? Here we go again, but this time I am concentrating on those matters which have emerged over the last two to three years, that we often neglected or failed to use in the past; mainly it's to do with new technology.
Get a professional email address.
Ditch your school one or pseudonmym name especially if it's like this: babyangel at (I can't put it in its usual format as the AI of the search engine Bing decides to make it my contact email address). Now is the time to professionalise yourself, use your proper name or professional name.Google yourself.
Sounds egotistic doesn't it? But just in case you wrote something many years ago, and it raises its head to bite you in the foot, it is better to check what is out there on you in cyber space. As an example, I had written several poems years ago, and put them up on the web to enter an online competition; but little did I know they had changed the copyright date to last year which altere…